Ecstatic Dance + Meditation

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Ecstatic Dance + Meditation

A deep somatic healing, embodiment & activation for all the self healers of Berlin.

By Bhawana Singh`

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April 1 · 4:30pm - June 10 · 5:30pm CEST


Green Yoga Pankow 56 Dietzgenstraße 13156 Berlin Germany

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About this event

Come & experience this soulful journey with me - your host, Bhawana.

In this event you will experience a deep ecstatic connection with the cosmos and with your own body. You will begin to see yourself as the part of the bigger whole.

This is a weekly donation based event.

1. If you're a student or have income < €1.000 - Come attend for free as a Karma Yogi

2. For everyone else - Suggested Donation - €8/€10/€15/€20

All of us have been brought up with so much conditioning that hurts us and limits our abilities to connect with our consciousness.

They are neural patterns and programs that are stored in our body - in our cells and atoms.

DEEP INNER WORK without SOMATIC Body based Energy WORK often leads to lethargy and disconnection between the heart and the mind.

In this workshop series, we combine Inner work with somatic energy work.

Every week you will release all the pent up emotions & stuck energy from your system.

& Every week you will connect deeper with Mama Gaia and The Eastern Sun.

Every week you will remember your soul just a little bit more - a little bit more & a little bit more.

You will learn how to access your consciousness through dance and heal years of conditioning and trauma from your body.

Hello beautiful souls, I am Bhawana - a Spiritual Activation Coach & a healer.

I am here to help you tap deeper into your consciousness, alchemise your inner child/teen personas, understand how energy works and fall in love with the planet and the cosmos.

In today's age we know a lot but live only a little.

Only when we do somatic body based energy work - then "The information we have - can become the transformation we seek."

About the organizer

Organized by
Bhawana Singh`

Hi, I am Bhawana - the CEO and the founder of The Naked Soul. I fucking deeply care about you using your SOUL power to manifest magic. I am here to lead powerful workshops and energy healing using full moon, eclipse and other portals which are divinely energetic alignment of planetary systems to shower light beams on EARTH - Let's use them for Spiritual Purification, Activation, Creation and Manifestation.