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Dynamic Meditation

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Osho Dynamic Meditation™ is a process in 5 stages leading through charging, catharsis, grounding and meditation into joy and celebration!

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Armin Heining & Team is happy to welcome you regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to practice Dynamic Meditation.

You do this Active Meditation for the first time? Please contact Armin: An extended intoduction takes place on Wednesdays at 7:15 am (after appointment).

Find already now an introduction on YouTube.

Our meetings take place with the current hygienic and distance regulations (see below).


Stage 1 (10 min): Breathing chaotically

Stage 2 (10 min): Explode

Phase 3 (10 min): Jump with arms raised high above

Phase 4 (15 min): Stop! Freeze

Phase 5 (15 min): Celebrate

Go with the music, dance, express your thanks to the creation, and take this feeling of happiness into your life.

Hygiene precautions:

1) Please bring your participant amount of EUR 10 with you in cash and put it in the place in the middle of the room. Or buy your ticket here and show it to the meditation manager before the event begins.

2) Please sign in at the list of participants each time before you start. This is kept for 4 weeks so that it can be presented to the authorities for tracing a virus infection if necessary.

3) The area of the event room is 200 square meters. That allows 20 participants. The generous area allows you to keep the safety distance.

4) Please always have mouth-nose protection and hand disinfection with you so that you can always have them handy (from 7 people).

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