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DT360° - Certified Design Thinking Master (engl.), Barcelona

XDi - Experience Design Institut

Montag, 19. März 2018, 09:00 Uhr-Freitag, 23. März 2018, 15:00 Uhr (MEZ)

DT360° - Certified Design Thinking Master (engl.),...


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To develop successful, innovative business models, products and services in times of disruptive technologies, supersaturated markets, even shorter life cycles of products and customers‘ continuously increasing expectations is the crucial entrepreneurial challenge of our times.
A first choice possibility to face this challenge is design thinking. In our design thinking masterclass, you’ll get a 360° look on this creative, structured innovation method and you’ll go through the different phases of the design thinking process several times. You’ll learn to analyze and solve problems in a creative, iterative and interdisciplinary way.
In this workshop, we connect efficient design thinking methods with agile project management and implementing tools, to ensure an effective transfer into business practice without which design thinking would be ineffective.

You’ll leave our masterclass with a full package of practical tools and an action plan with which you’ll be able to integrate design thinking into your work routine immediately.

What to expect
By using the best practices of different fields, you’ll learn everything about the numerous applications of design thinking. You’ll analyze your target groups’ needs in creative and structured working processes, acquire a variety of solutions by using different ideation methods and test your approaches by using previously developed prototypes.
You’ll learn different creative techniques that will help you to overcome challenges in day-to-day work and solve problems. You’ll experience how to transform ideas through definite implementation steps and you’ll learn how to integrate design thinking into your working and communicating processes.
You’ll explore the requirements for a successful integration into your working environment and learn to identify the interfaces between your product, your customer and your working processes. In a personal and pleasant environment, you’ll look into the process interactively in small groups and you’ll be able to use this experience to deal with your own cases and to develop your own toolbox.

What you will learn
With the design thinking masterclass, you’ll learn to get specific innovation ideas and to implement them in a participatory, co-creative team process with participants from different disciplines and fields. You’ll learn a variety of methods and tools to apply and you’ll acquire solid tools/instruments in the fields of user research, ideation and prototyping.
You’ll learn to apply different research methods, analyze the results and to derive insights for your product strategy.
You’ll experiment different creative techniques to start control and moderate creative processes. You’ll exercise various prototyping methods and apply them to different test scenarios. Our masterclass will enable you to combine design thinking and agile development methods to implement your ideas directly.
You will be able to express design tasks, moderate a team as well as enframe design thinking processes in your company and to adjust them to your needs. You’ll leave this masterclass with fundamental knowledges about design thinking’s most important components and you will have an individual adjusted strategy on how to integrate design thinking in your company as well as how to apply and transfer your knowledge.

Who should participate
This masterclass should interest anyone who works as a professional, consultant, manager, entrepreneur or CEO in the fields of innovation and product management, customer experience or customer service, IT and technology, sales and marketing, research and development and who deals with product and service innovation in an operative, strategic or organizational way.
The design thinking masterclass suits particularly to innovation managers and consultants, product, service and user experience designers, product, project and design managers, service and business development managers, customer service and customer experience managers as well as entrepreneurs, team leaders who control multidisciplinary teams and who want to strengthen collaboration by using creative methods. No previous knowledges in design thinking are required.

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Montag, 19. März 2018, 09:00 Uhr-Freitag, 23. März 2018, 15:00 Uhr (MEZ)

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XDi - Experience Design Institut

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DT360° - Certified Design Thinking Master (engl.), Barcelona
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