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Dose of Pleasure with Alvin at the Park!

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I teach people deep sensitivity through my work in meditation, berlin rave culture, gaga and sound frequency.

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With the help of Goal Girs Agency, Dose of Pleasure is now supported by Soundboks, a speaker brand that will bring the vibes to the next level!

Please pay cash with Suggested Donation 3-10 EUR upon arriving. You will get more information with exact location upon registering your spot. After registering, please add me on WhatsApp: +49 176 30601040 and send me a message to keep you in the loop.

Open to all people!



About Dose of Pleasure & the essence of my work

What I strive for is simple:

to meditate deep like a monk and make love like a wild animal

I work with frequency to channel a physical way of tasting what pains you and I use groove as medicine to acknowledge and cancel blockages in the body. By riding the vibration of what you hear, we tune into a deep sense of listening celebrating the life inside the body. The vibration of what we will be hearing will begin with frequencies I meditate with then leading into techno/disco/house grooves that has touched me deeply in the dance floor. Inside my process of riding, we meet pleasure, understand passion from the depths of our own pain, we learn to harness the power of groove and discover what it means to set ourselves free.

Welcome to the journey.

Lets rave <3

What people say about me:

It is hard to put into words what I felt during this week, but I will attempt it. I can say that if you're receptive “Dose of Pleasure: Relight My Fire” gives access to deep and subtle aspects of life that lay within each of us. It brings a positive expansive energy flow to the week. As Alvin guides you in a very alert, sensitive, and thoughtful way, you feel supported in the unlocking of a creative potential that is linked to one's inner emotional world. On another layer, it is fascinating to witness how effectively the digital exchange works when a space of openness and vulnerability is created. One can make a group of strangers groove intimately.

—Stella from Portugal

Thank you so much Alvin for all your classes, every time is really interesting to explore things leading by your energy. Dose of pleasure sessions share lot of good vibes, and help to be ever better. News sessions with focus in chakra are really rewarding, because we can consequently put a focus, an internal axis of reflection to explore through dance. Everytime is like a dancing meditation, i never find this kind of feeling before, this mix of your experiences, is really rich and nourishing.

I particulary really love your speeches before it can connect to the dancing session and bring us a personnal reflexion also, everytime is doing with lot of love and sincerity, and honestly, eachtime I'm pleasantly surprise because your moment reflexion is linked with what i looking for and it bring me that i need, to help me to move forward, So, really thank you for that, i want to spread my gratitude with you. I want to thanks you because we are lucky to share your class, thank you for all you give and for your wonderful energy!

—Eva from France

THANK YOU, ALVIN!!!!! meeting you and your juicy work/guidance

is like coming to the waterfall in the middle of the desert!

is like finding the right parfume and get high everytime you smell it!

is like jumping into swimming pool full of champagne! is like taking a bath in warm coconut oil!

is like smearing warm chocolate on your body!

I appreciate so much that you share so purely yourself with us! Sending you all my love, sweat and groove from Kyiv, Ukraine!

—Iryna from Ukraine

Your teaching, your sensitive blasting energy helped me opening and unveiling doors and rooms in me... and now I totally want to keep! Thank you so much.

—Marta from Germany

"Alvin's love of life and generous heart is over flowing. He gently guides with a fierce conviction to aid in the healing and empowerment of others. Each time I take class with Alvin I feel a deep sense of bliss and freedom. He gifts us with the permission to tune into our pleasure and unearth love for ourselves and the world around us. I have been able to access a state of pure presence and peace in his dose of pleasure and gaga classes. His courage in sharing his story and brilliant gifts inspires me to no end. I would highly recommend taking class with Alvin to all beings. It is transformative, profoundly healing and transcendent."

--Rachel from Vancouver

Organizer Alvin Collantes

Organizer of Dose of Pleasure with Alvin at the Park!

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