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Don’t wait - Innovate!

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Can we cope with the challenges of tomorrow if we stay in the patterns of yesterday?

From Prototyping to execution: In this interactive session we will talk about how agile methodologies can help you to design your innovation journey.

Enable employees of different fields to contribute to innovation by sharing their knowledge, observations and ideas - with the help of Design Thinking. Consumer desires are changing rapidly and the digital age continues to revolutionize habits and needs. Evolve your business model by being flexible to adapt your products and service offerings to ever changing circumstances. Change the way you lead & change the way you work. We will share real life examples how to bring agility into action, increase productivity and use key metrics to make it measurable - over all: how to unleash your company's creative potential in order to advance success.

Event will be in English.


Tatjana Walter, Innovationsmentor

Irmgard Barth, Enterprise Agile Coach

Dial-in details will be send to all registered persons a couple of days before the event date, so please register for the event if you want to participate.

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