Digital Pitches: Chance and challenge for start-ups


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Digital pitches offer new opportunities for start-ups - Marco Masia gives tips on how to use them!

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Since the beginning of the corona crisis it has become particularly clear how important online communication is for the survival of the economy. Not least the start-ups have been hit by the crisis in that events, trade fairs and, in particular, investor meetings are taking place digitally. That this change is a special feature becomes particularly clear when start-ups have to pitch online.

In order to illustrate the challenges of this new situation and to analyse how opportunities arise from it, we have invited Marco Masia, a pitch expert, to explain how start-ups can use the changed circumstances to their advantage. Marco Masia brings with him many years of experience in research and development and regularly works as a start-up consultant. He has excellent expertise in entrepreneurship, strategic development and science.

We look forward to receiving answers to questions like:

  • How do I have to adapt my pitch so that it works the same way online?
  • What are the investors' expectations of my digital pitch?
  • What are the advantages of the digital pitch?
  • What challenges do I face?
  • etc.

Since it can be assumed that digital pitches will continue to exist even after the Corona crisis, we cordially invite you to pick up valuable tips and supporting information for being well prepared for the new situation

After the lecture of Mr. Masia there will be time for your questions. You are welcome to send us your questions in advance at sten@lifescience-factory.com. Mr. Masia will include these questions in his lecture.

ATTENTION: You also have the possibility to send Mr. Masia your Pitch Deck through us. He can then give you feedback (of course non-confidential) during the event.



  • The event will be held in English.
  • Due to the current situation in the course of the COVID-19 crisis, the event will be held digitally. Mr. Masia will be connected to us live.
  • After receiving your ticket confirmation, you will receive another mail with the access data for the online event. We will run this event through Microsoft teams. However, you do not need an account for this, but can easily participate in the event via the web application.
  • For smooth operation, please switch off both the camera and the microphone to avoid background noise and to relieve the bandwidth of the transmission.
  • After the lecture you will have the opportunity to ask the speaker direct questions. For this purpose we invite you to use the chat function. You are welcome to enter any questions that may arise during the presentation directly here.

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