Dialogue Event. Decarbonising Europe's Energy System with Hydrogen

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Dialogue Event. Decarbonising Europe's Energy System with Hydrogen

By Initiative Brennstoffzelle

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Fri, 21 Jun 2019 10:15 - 14:15 CEST


The Hotel Brussels 38 Boulevard de Waterloo 1000 Bruxelles Belgium


The European Commission has called for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 in its long-term strategic vision, “A Clean Planet for All”. One building block of the strategy is to maximise the deployment of renewables and the use of electricity to fully decarbonise Europe’s energy supply.

Germany’s energy system is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation based on these priorities. Today’s record levels of intermittent wind and solar energy and the goal to expand renewables to cover 65 percent of electricity consumption by 2030 are posing a challenge to the stability of Germany’s energy system. In addition, it becomes more and more obvious that – despite a strong focus on efficiency – electricity will only be able to cover a part of overall energy consumption. Therefore, electricity will most likely not become the dominant driver for decarbonisation in all sectors.

These developments call for a more strategic utilisation of the gas grid to balance energy demand, keep energy costs low and store renewable energy – so-called sector coupling. It will become an inevitable element of any energy transition. Moreover, it has become increasingly evident that hydrogen produced from natural gas with net-zero CO2 emissions will be an integral part of the solution. What can the EU learn from the energy transition experiences to date? How can it speed up climate protection efforts in its member countries? And what role can hydrogen and the gas grid play in a decarbonised European energy system?

We would like to invite you to discuss these questions at our dialogue event with industry experts and political stakeholders.

Richard Sarsfield-Hall and Benedikt Unger from the leading energy consultancy Pöyry will set the scene and present the results of their latest study “Hydrogen from natural gas - the key to deep decarbonisation”.

The event will also cover a discussion on the potential of different hydrogen production technologies such as power-to-gas, and a presentation by the hydrogen expert Prof. Alberto Abánades Velasco from Technical University of Madrid on methane pyrolysis, producing zero carbon hydrogen from natural gas.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels!

About the organiser

Zukunft ERDGAS e.V. ist die Initiative der deutschen Erdgaswirtschaft. Sie vertritt die Marke und das Produkt Erdgas gegenüber Verbrauchern, Politik und Marktpartnern. Gemeinsam mit ihren Mitgliedern setzt sich Zukunft ERDGAS dafür ein, dass die Potenziale des Energieträgers genutzt werden und informiert über die Chancen und Möglichkeiten, die Erdgas für die Energiewende und in Zukunft bietet. Getragen wird Zukunft ERDGAS von führenden Unternehmen der Erdgaswirtschaft. Branchenverbände und die Heizgeräteindustrie unterstützen die Initiative als Partner.

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