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Festsaal Kreuzberg

Am Flutgraben 2

12435 Berlin


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DEV DAY 2019: Coding & Beyond - Inspiring the Future of Development

DEV DAY is an annual developer event organized by Turbine Kreuzberg for, with and by developers. It started off in 2014 in Portugal at Turbine Kreuzberg’s Faro offices and has become a full-grown annual conference that takes place simultaneously in Berlin and Faro. This year, DEV DAY’19 will be an action packed day filled with 12 talks, 2 panel discussions, a coding challenge and networking with fellow developers with diverse backgrounds, expertise and ages. We welcome everyone to take part and exchange knowledge.

This year’s conference headline is: »Coding & Beyond: Inspiring the Future of Development«, so we want to talk about the bigger picture. Where will tomorrow take software development?

All speakers have been advised to include a demo or live coding sessions into their talks so you can take away the maximum amount of valuable insights! This year’s talks will cover a broad range of topics, starting with machine learning, covering decentralized apps up to audio production on Unity and insights into time series data analytics.

What you get

  • Join 1 conference but attend 2: Everything is streamed live between Faro and Berlin

  • 12 developer talks including code and demos

  • 2 panel discussions

  • 1 interactive coding challenge presented by Platform.sh

  • High networking ratio

  • Drinks, breakfast snacks and lunch buffet

  • A DEV DAY’19 shirt

Hard facts

  • Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2019

  • Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

  • To join DEV DAY Berlin you need a ticket. Please register here via Eventbrite

  • If you plan to attend the Faro event, please sign up here: DEV DAY Faro

  • We’d love to see you tweeting and posting about DEV DAY: Use the event’s hashtag #devday19 on your preferred social media channels


This year’s talks cover an even broader range of topics than ever before. Among them are a gentle intro into machine learning, a primer on decentralized apps, time-series data analytics, writing compilers in Javascript, a perfect toolchain and utility first approaches for frontend coders, the meaning of UX design, distraction free workplaces and well written requirements tickets as well as an audio designer’s take on Unity. If that wetted your appetite, find the whole agenda on our website: https://devday.io/talks/

All Day: Coding Challenge

After last year's overwhelming feedback, we’re bringing back the DEV DAY coding challenge! This year, we’re teaming up with Platform.sh and challenge you to build something amazing – collaboratively. We’re creating a scaffold that consumes your microservices to build a developer centric news site and give away prices for the most acclaimed 5 contributors. Of course, we will set up some hardware for you, but it goes without saying: It’s very advisable to bring your own equipment (notebook or similar) if you would like to participate.

Donate money for an Open Source Project

What’s open source software without contributors, users and… donations? That’s why we’ve put a "Support an Open Source Project" ticket option on our event page. If selected, you can add an arbitrary value to your ticket price. All the collected money will be equally divided and donated to the following open source projects:

MILAGE LEARN +: http://milage.ualg.pt/

MILAGE Learn+ is an app that fosters mobile learning and motivates students to innovate pedagogical learning models according to their needs. It promotes the autonomy of different learning styles and supports students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

Free Software Foundation: https://my.fsf.org/donate

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.

OpenStreetMap: https://donate.openstreetmap.org/

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license.

NumFocus: https://numfocus.org/ (SciPy/NumPy)

NumFOCUS promotes open practices in research, data and scientific computing and computing.

Our Partners

This year we have great partners who support DEV DAY'19 and will be present with a small booth at DEV DAY Berlin! Come and meet the Evangelists from Blockstack, Twilio and Jolocom in person and ask all your questions!

More information

For more information please visit: https://devday.io/


Got any questions? Feel free to contact us

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Festsaal Kreuzberg

Am Flutgraben 2

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