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CV writing and skills gap analysis: A roadmap for your Data & AI job search


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The Drivery

Mariendorfer Damm 1

12099 Berlin


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Are you a PhD researcher or Postdoc looking to move to the industry or a startup? Your CV looks too academic? Are you not being invited for the interview?

To kickstart your career, we offer a CV workshop to achieve the following:

  1. Structuring of your CV to maximize impact with readers in the industry
  2. Skills gap analysis for positions in Data Analytics, Data Science or AI
  3. Ready-to-go strategy for moving on the labour market


Any PhD seeking opportunities in Data Analytics, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. Typically, you will have a numerate background - e.g. STEM, statistics, econometrics – and some experience with relevant programming languages like Matlab, Python or R.

Your hosts

Dr Chris Armbruster is a Max Planck alumnus, and Director of Community Development at the new mobility innovation hub thedrivery.berlin

Dr Dina Deifallah is a Data Scientist at HeyJobs. She has a track record in optimization algorithms and a PhD in communications engineering.


The workshop concept is based on

  • >100 re-written CVs, and behind-the-scenes cooperation in getting candidates interviews
  • Numerous requests to help with CV writing, emerging from the workshop series ‘Science to Data Science’
  • A trial run of the essential elements with the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy with 70 participants

Workshop schedule

10.00 Welcome & workshop objective
The objective is to empower workshop participants to obtain job interviews with their preferred companies.

10.15 Getting the interview: Academic versus industry-ready CV

The academic CV does not work for industry, but many of the templates provided by career services or human resources departments also do not get you interviews. Why is that?

What can you do to get (more) interviews with the kind of employer or hiring manager that you would like to work with?

  • Introductory presentation: Writing CVs for your career transition, and for impact in the Digital industry (20 min)
  • Q&A (25 min)

11.00 Maximizing impact: Technical skills & Transferable skills

Particularly for PhDs, we recommend starting the CV with a technical skills section and closing with transferable skills to maximize impact with the reader.

How do you present your digital skills? What are your unique transferable skills? How do you identify any skills gap and close it efficiently?

  • Showcase CVs with technical and transferable skills (20 min)
  • Open Q&A (20 min)
  • First skills lists (individual or pair work, 20 min)

12.00 Optimizing the search: The mission and search statement on your CV

The cover letter is a pain if not a time waster; and a ritual inviting unforced errors, which, in our experience, candidates commit frequently. How to optimize your search on the German & European labour market?

We invite you to focus your search and to optimize for recruiters and hiring managers with a mission and search statement.

  • Examples of mission and search statements (10 min)
  • Writing your own statement (individual or pair work, 10 min)
  • Final Q&A (10 min)


The mission of 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe is finding and empowering talent in Data Analytics, Data Science & AI as rapidly as possible. If you are looking for a general introduction to the topic, check out the easy-to-read & mobile-friendly introduction on Medium.

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The Drivery

Mariendorfer Damm 1

12099 Berlin


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