CSP-PO 1:1Mentoring -ScrumAlliance -Certified Scrum Professional -deutsch


CSP-PO 1:1Mentoring -ScrumAlliance -Certified Scrum Professional -deutsch

Dieses Mentoring-Programm führt vom A-CSPO zum CSP-PO Zertifikat der ScrumAlliance mit konkreten Übungen, Diskussion und Erfahrungsaustausch

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Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner (CSP-PO) on the coaching path

This coaching program leads you to the Scrum Alliance Certificate “Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner” (CSP-PO) and is about deepening and mastering your development as an Agile Product Owner. 

It is a long-term program for your learning journey along the Scrum Alliance defined Learning Objectives for CSP-PO and is based around...

  • even more advanced learning assignments that you integrate into your daily work and apply directly at your job as a Product Owner
  • your deepened learning and reflection and documentation of your progress toward the learning objectives
  • group or one-on-one online mentoring sessions facilitated by an experienced Scrum Alliance Certified Team and Enterprise Coach (CTC / CEC): here we check and discuss the learning objective and the questions you have along your journey.

Mentoring sessions take place either in alignment with you or on predefined dates. Check www.moccasoft.com for detailed information. 

In addition to that...

  • you are encouraged to work on the learning objectives in self- organized peer learning groups 
  • you are provided with various learning sources to use for your deepened and continuous learning 

During your CSP-PO learning journey you will cover these topics:

  • Product Owner Champion
  • Implementing Purpose and Strategy
  • Advanced Interactions with Customers and Users
  • Complex Product Assumption Validation
  • Advanced Product Backlog Management

By finishing this program you will improve your ability to:

  • Act proactively as a role model for Product Owners in your organization and outside.
  • Be clear for yourself about your leadership role in the Product Owner community.
  • Drive the change of Product Ownership at all levels of your organization.
  • Drive the change towards Agility and Agile working in your organization.
  • Drive the change in culture and structure of your organization. 

Specific dates× will be set in alignment between coach and coachees.

Due to its flexibility you can start immediately with your mentoring program and learn!

CSP-PO 1:1Mentoring -ScrumAlliance -Certified Scrum Professional -deutsch: Bild
CSP-PO 1:1Mentoring -ScrumAlliance -Certified Scrum Professional -deutsch: Bild
CSP-PO 1:1Mentoring -ScrumAlliance -Certified Scrum Professional -deutsch: Bild