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Silent Green Kulturquartier

Gerichtstraße 35

13347 Berlin


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Digital technologies like XR, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are effectively disrupting how arts and cultureare being created, distributed and perceived. New technologies hold the promise of making art and culture more accessible for the audiences and making the share of revenue for rights holders and creators more transparent and reliable.

In the past years the Creative Europe Programme has supported the creative industries in different ways, including the use of new technologies within creation, production and circulation of creative works.

Our CREATIVE EUROPE INNOVATION DAY will present international use cases for innovative technologies in Media, Arts and Culture supported by the Creative Europe Programme and beyond. Project roundtables will provide the opportunity to discuss the various financing and distribution models as well as the technology behind them in more detail.

Conference language: English

For event related questions please contact: info@ced-bb.eu

Please be aware that unfortunately we can accept only one person per company/institution.

The Innovation Day is an event of Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg and Creative Europe Desk Kultur with support of the Creative Europe Desks Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, France and Czech Republic as well as Musicboard, KreativKultur Berlin and Cinemathon International.

Please note: This event will be covered by photo and video reccording. With your registration you agree to the use of this material for promotional purposes.


12:45h Registration
13:30h – 13:40h Welcome

13:40h – 13:55h
Keynote: "
How to ignite European Moonshots in Culture and Creativity"
Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Head of Programming Next - Founder Storytek

14:00h – 14:15h
"Can Creative Europe help to build a bridge to new technology"
Barbara Gessler, European Commission

Session I: BlockChain: Transparency and Fair shares

14:20h – 14:30h
Introduction: “Why Blockchain enables new business models”
Erwin Schmidt
, Cinemathon International, Berlin

14:30h – 14:40h
Use Case: "Blockchain My Art- Transparency for cultural Events"
Maxime Faget,
Co-Founder SeaNaps Festival, Leipzig

14:55h – 15:05h
Project Pitch: “Unchain Fim Production for our Planet”
Sophokles Tasioulis
, CEO Icebreaker Nature Entertainment Studios, Berlin

15:05h – 15:15h
Use Case: “Film Chain – the new way of accessing your money”
Maria Tanjala,
CEO Big Couch, UK

15:20h – 15:30h
Use Case: "WARM - World Airplay Radio Monitor"

Jesper Skibsby, CEO WARM Music, DK

15:30h – 16:15h
Coffee Break
(40 Min)

Roundtables (20 Min):
I: Erwin Schmidt, Maria Tanjala, Sophokles Tasioulis
II: Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Jesper Skibsby, Maxime Faget

Session II: Mixed Realities for Media & Art

16:15h – 16:25h
Use Case: "Culture Ticket – Let’s make culture accessible!"
Robert van Hunsel, CEO Ticketing Group, NL

16:30h – 16:40h
Project Pitch:
History for today’s people with tomorrow’s technology
Sebastian Ruff, Stadtmuseum Berlin-FT Projektbüro / eCulture

16:40h – 16:50h
Use Case: "Beyond Matters – Cultural Heritage on the Verge of VR"
Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás,
ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe

16:55h – 17:05h
Project Pitch: "AR between Visual Arts and Performing Arts"
Michael Eickhoff, Schauspiel Dortmund Akademie für Theater und Digitalität

17:10h – 17:20h

Use Case: "Mixed Reality on Stage"
Nils Corte,
CEO Peppers Holosuite, Berlin

17:25h – 17:35h
Project Pitch: "AI-New Ways of Seeing"
Adam Harvey, VFRAME, Berlin

17:35h – 17:45h Wrap Up

17:45h – 19:00h Networking

Moderator: Erwin Schmidt
, Cinemathon International

Date and Time


Silent Green Kulturquartier

Gerichtstraße 35

13347 Berlin


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