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Body Centered

Neue Schönhauser Str. 16

10178 Berlin


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Creative D. R. I. V. E - 2 Day Workshop May 13th / 14th

--------Regain Control of Your Creative FLOW!--------

As a maker, creator, innovator - your main intention is to take your ideas and turn them into your experiences.

---------It's the EXPERIENCE you want - right?---------

You want to experience the success of that idea - how it changes and affects your life and the lives of others around you.
But what good are your great ideas if you are not getting them out of your HEAD and into REALITY? into your EXPERIENCE!

So, I am asking you one question:


What is stopping your idea from becoming the experience you want? - Is it procrastination, or self-doubt, or lack of clarity? Or is it hesitation, lack of confidence and discipline?

WHATEVER you tell yourself it is - I am telling you it is not that!


SO if you want to RE-FRAME your experience...your attention has to be focused on changing something in your PHYSICALITY!

CREATIVE D.R.I.V.E. workshop is the practical side of idea creation/manifestation. Very simply - you know you want your experience to change; that idea, project, dream, has been wanting to come out and become REAL for far too long!

Success in making, doing, innovating, and creating comes when two worlds meet - the idea world of abstraction and the PHYSICAL world of ACTION.

--What is missing in the dialogue about Creation is the BODY - the DOER of our ideas! --

Implementation does not happen in the mind. (Great ideas happen in the mind!) Implementation - (or getting sh*t DONE) - happens in the physical world. So if you are struggling with turning GREAT IDEAS into GREAT REALITIES -- and all of the in-betweens (procrastination, self - doubt, discipline & follow through, comparison or decision making) - this is your workshop!

--------------Get a truly new approach - a PRACTICAL ONE - Creativity is a PHYSICAL experience!---------------

It's time to get your creativity our of your mind and into PHYSICAL REALITY. It's time to DO the work you are meant to do! The world needs what YOU have to give!

In this intro workshop you will learn:
---How to achieve and MAINTAIN high states of Flow or peak states.
---What bumps you out of Flow and how to get back in simply and easily
---5 states of ENERGY that directly affect your effectiveness and creativity and how to practical train them
---how to physically track and effect patterns interrupting your peak states
---the more you embody your idea - the easier it is to affect your experience. FLOW is a physical state.
---Physical Training to MAKE IT REAL!------


Don't miss the upcoming Creative D.R.I.V.E. workshop!

May 13th / 14th in BERLIN

Excited to meet you all there! And remember - you were born to create - instead of learning to create, learn to STOP what's in the way of that. YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW

----------------- make, create, innovate.------------------

"We are Creators!" - Life Artists Community
Barbara Droubay


This system is designed to help you with:
* Creative blocks
* Goal setting
* Procrastination
* Lack of clarity
* Self-doubt
* Lack of focus
* Energy level fluctuations

Dates & Times: May 13th (2pm -8pm) & May 14th (10am-8pm)

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Date and Time


Body Centered

Neue Schönhauser Str. 16

10178 Berlin


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