CP SUSTAINABILITY TALK: Circular Economy – meet the start-ups

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CP SUSTAINABILITY TALK: Circular Economy – meet the start-ups


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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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The COP27 in Sharm al-Scheich is just over and the need for acting economically in a sustainable way is increasing from day to day. Such that our civilization can survive on this planet. Although we know about this development since the Club of Rome in 1972 published its “Limits to Growth” we were able to leave behind those scenarios in the most negative sense.

So, the question is: Why is this so? Even though we rationally know about the consequences of our behavior, we did not change it … or at least not enough to make a smooth turnaround. Are our brains just wired the wrong way? That seems not to be the case, since there are a lot of activities already going into the right direction. Especially when you look at the start-ups in this field.

To gain more insights, we invited the founder of Manyfolds, one of the most successful sustainability start-ups in Germany, for an interview to gain some insights to the field of sustainability. We want to discover the interconnectedness of a sustainability mindset with the neurosciences and what that means for organizational development.

In this interview/discussion:

  • You will learn how a mindshift towards a sustainable thinking is possible – although your brain does not like it.
  • You will learn how sustainability can be brought into a newly founded organization.
  • You will learn how social sustainability can be introduced into a newly founded company

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Ticket sales end soon