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EXPERIENCE.CONSCIOUS .CONNECTION. Now in english- the world connecting language! No matter where you` re from-everybody´ s welcome!

Zu diesem Event

Are you tired of superficial dating apps?CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHTS offer a whole new entry to the dating world. It is a fun way to explore attractions on a much deeper level.

We all long for a more conscious way to connect and relate. We want to communicate beyond “what´s your name” and “what do you do?”. To talk about what really counts for us and show ourselves as we really are. And we are longing for meeting other authentic beings.

Regardless of whether you wish to just experience a fun evening full of solidarity, looking for a deep friendship or a longterm relationship - it all starts with you being connected to your desire for connection and starting to meet other people with an open heart.With this event we create a field in which it is possible to explore attraction on a mental, physical, energetic and spiritual level. It is a unique opportunity to meet other wonderful people mindfully and with an open heart.

Come, laugh and explore!

This most likely isn't like any other dating experience you've had. It´s new, it´s different, it´s real!


> This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded, open-hearted people and to create deep, fulfilling connections.

> You have the chance to break old "dating patterns": Who are you behind the titles and the superficial masks you normally put on at a typical first date?

> You will find out what happens when you show yourself with everything that is moving you.

> You learn to stay connected with yourself, also in contact with others.

> You get to know many exciting and interesting people in one evening.

> You learn to be spontaneous and authentic without having to plan what to say beforehand.

> It will change the way you perceive relationships.

> Your existing connections and friendships will also benefit and be inspired.

> You will experience that closeness, connectedness, joy and excitement are not just happening by chance, but that you and others are creating it in open and honest synergy.

> You have the opportunity to feel gently into the energies of the people you meet and to use your 5 senses to get into contact.

> We create a safe container in which your very core is invited to come to the surface.

You definitely don´t want to miss this experience!


Before we get into the actual dating and get to encounter each other, we will first focus on getting in touch with ourselves. Only when we are connected to ourselves can we meet other people authentically and feel whether we are a good match or not.

CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHTS are an interesting variation of the classic speed dating.The setting will consist of 2 circles facing each other - an inner circle and an outer one. Each person from one circle will have an experience with a person from the other circle. Then we rotate to the next person and the next dating experience until everyone has met.

Some instructions, a task or a topic to talk about are easy ice-breakersso that you can easily get to know, experience and feel eachother beyond the traditional small talk of “where are you from?” And “what are you doing?”.

After the individual encounters, we will meet again for the final circle. At the end of the evening there is a secret "matching process" in which you let me know who you would like to meet again after this evening. A few days later, you will receive an email with the contact details of your mutual match (es). Then it's up to you ...

The flow of the evening:

> Agreements and creating a safe container

> Meditation and centering yourself

> Conscious Speed ​​Dating

> Closing and secret matching


The event is for ...

... everyone who desires more authentic connections in their life

... everyone who likes to meet others beyond the "common games"

... everyone who enjoys to get to know new people in an authentic, open way

... everyone who wants to enjoy without expectation

... everyone who is ready to show up as who they really are

... everyone who likes to get to know themselves better

... everyone who wants to practice staying connected to themselves while meeting others

... everyone who understands honesty as an essential base for good relationships and real intimacy

... everyone who desires to experience what it feels like to tear down the walls between people on an extraordinary first date

... everyone who wants to experience and explore love

... everyone between 25 and 55. (We are planning events with narrower age groups for the future)


> The venue is on the 7th floor- no elevator! Just so you know before ;-)

> Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the event starts to give yourself enough time to register, to get a drink at the bar and to settle in.

> This is an alcohol and drug free event!

> Take a shower, brush your teeth and wear clothes you feel comfi and totally yourself with. We will sit on cushions on the floor and move a bit- so make sure your clothes are suitable for that.

> This is a perfume free event. Please come without chemical perfumes as our natural scent is an important indicator for attractions.

> At the start of the event, we will create guidelines and boundaries so that everyone will feel safe. Everyone has freedom and it's not required to do anything you don't want to do and we will create a social context in which there will be no pressure so everyone gets to choose their level of participation.

> Although this event primarily aims for matching men with women and women with men, it is certainly open to everyone. Participants will be connected based on the sex that they are representing, but we will not discriminate against any expressions.

> For most of the exercises, you will have a partner of the opposite sex. Depending on the number of registrations, it is also possible that you will meet someone of the same sex during some encounters.

> Regardless of your orientation, I generally invite you to be open to encounters that initially do not correspond to your ideal.

> I encourage that if you do desire same-sex connections as well to feel open to communicating, using your voice to empower yourself. (There is potential to create a LGBTQ event in the future, so if this resonates with you please send me a personal message.)

> Relationship forms such as polyamory, open relationships, relationship anarchy and other expressions of interpersonal connection are very common. Nevertheless, many of the CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHT participants are monoamorous or monogamous. We encourage you - if it doesn't already happen in an exercise - to talk about your lived / preferred form of relationship in order to avoid disappointment.

Come with a clear head, a playfull attitude and the willingness to open your heart.

I ´m looking forward to diving into this experience with you!




If you are feeling sick, and think you might have the covid-virus, inform us and stay at home to prevent others getting sick.If you get sick within two weeks of being at the event, inform us so we can inform anyone that attended.


We will facilitate the whole evening in a way that we are able to keep the required distance to each other. Please make sure to also keep the distance while waiting at registration or the bar.


Wash your hands during the breaks and use the provided hand sanitizer.


For entering the room and until you found your place wearing a mask is required. It is your choice to wear a mask during the event.


This event is a social event. Which means you will be connecting with others socially. AND you always have a choice. You do not have to do anything you don't feel comfortable with, and you are responsible to choose things you are comfortable with while being respectful of others choices.

By coming to this event you agree that you have chosen freely to come and will not hold us responsible for your health or choice to be present at the CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHT.


If the event tickets are not sold out, there will be tickets available at the door at a first come first serve basis for the last minute price.


Due to the nature of the event, i don't typically have a return policy for people that just don't show up. If you are sick, we are open to giving you a spot at a following DATE NIGHT.

Please give me advanced notice.


Sylvi has been holding groups for more than 25 years and loves to create social containers where people can express and experience the whole spectrum and potential of their being. Love, respect and acceptance have always been the base of her work.

She has been a dancer, teacher, choreographer, body and movement researcher. Dance has always been her way to express feelings and it’s where she comes alive. The expression of music through the art of dance and the connection to ones’ self and others in movement, beyond the spoken word drives her to teach people of all ages. Physiotherapy studies added the scientific knowledge about physiology and body structures behind the art.

Over the last years, she also got inspired by different ideas like Radical Honesty, NVC, Systemic Constellation and some concepts in the field of personal development that focus on the wisdom of the body and on healthy relationships to the self and others.

Bodywork and conscious relating became other important parts of Sylvi´s path. With backgrounds in different Massage styles, Shamanism and Tantra she is able to provide a wide variety of intuitive bodywork sessions to re-awaken the intelligence of the body.

With presence and passion, she facilitates individual and collective journeys that focus on the wisdom of the body and on a healthy relationship to sexuality as life energy. Sylvi sees herself as a facilitator, inspirer, tool transmitter, assistant, supporter, midwife on the way to self-empowerment, self-love, fulfillment, self-responsibility, transformation, vitality, creativity, pleasure and a happy life.







www.sylvicares.com or www.soulwings.life


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