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Der WS ist der erste Schritt für eine Akkreditierung unserer Tools. | The WS is the first step for accreditation for our tools.

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Die Akkreditierung beginnt mit der Teilnahme an einem Circumplex-Workshop. In diesem Workshop wird Ihnen das Fundament der Human Synergistics Diagnosewerkzeuge nähergebracht.

The Accreditation begins with attendance at a Circumplex workshop. This workshop will introduce you to the foundation of Human Synergistics diagnostic tools.


Montags findet der Workshop auf English statt. Die Mittwochstermine sind auf Deutsch.

On Mondays the workshop will be held in English. Wednesdays in German.

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Veranstalter von Circumplex Workshop

As the creators of the world’s most widely-used and researched culture survey, we’ve pioneered culture and leadership research for more than 40 years. We’re committed to helping you measure and develop your Real Culture in terms of "what's expected"​ of people in your organization.

Unlock the potential of your leaders, teams, and organization with insights from the Organizational Culture Inventory®, Leadership/Impact® 360, and other validated surveys and simulations.

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries turn to us for Real Culture analytics, accreditation, and optional consulting support to deliver Real Results; we hope you will too!

Through the use of our globally-recognized tools, we enable individuals, groups, and organizations to initiate changes and realize their potential.

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