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Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Course led by Dr. Timothy Clark...

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Level Eleven - Regardz Zilveren Toren

Stationsplein 51

1012 AB


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Improving the Employee Experience: A Structured, Practical Method

— Business Model You® Certified Practitioner Course —

Amsterdam, Thursday and Friday November 12-13, 2020 9:30 am till 5:00 pm

Successful, forward-looking organizations operating in competitive markets recognize that attracting and keeping good people is no longer possible without a providing a decisively better employee experience.

They also recognize that improved employee experience translates into improved customer experience.

How can organizations create an employee experience that focuses people’s action, yet energizes them? Most organizations over-rely on verbal and written communications. But that approach is outmoded in today’s visual, systems-driven world.

This fresh approach to improving the employee experience can be readily learned and used by team leaders, consultants, human resource professionals, coaches, or individual team members. It is based on the methodology described in Business Model You, the global bestseller published in twenty languages, and updated and informed by the originators’ latest work, Business Models for Teams.

The Business Model You® methodology shows people how to visually depict work at three different levels: 1) individual, 2) team, and 3) enterprise. It uses the same simple tool to grasp all three levels of work, leading to stunning insights about where people best fit in and can contribute most. Equally important, the jargon-free Business Model You® method itself is an intriguing, joyful process that is enthusiastically embraced by employees of all kinds.

A select group of 30 participants will spend two immersive days mastering the Business Model You® methodology in Amsterdam. Working directly with the method’s originators, participants will study and learn the following:

  • Personal, Team, and Enterprise Modeling
  • Constructing and Debriefing Personal Service Models
  • Model-Based Coaching
  • Implementation Design

Participants alternately serve as coaches, clients, and observers to practice the techniques and gain a true 360° perspective on the methodology. Work with training colleagues includes a blend of interactive presentations, pair and team exercises, case studies, brief videos, structured feedback sessions, and group-generated Q & A with the method’s originators. Candidates who successfully complete the two-day program will be awarded a Business Model You® Master Class-Certified Practitioner certificate.

Enrollment Prerequisites

Applicants must commit to two full days of training. Enrollees will be informed as to specific preparations upon acceptance into the course.

Who Should Attend

Project leaders, team managers, human resource professionals, organization development consultants, coaches

Please note that registration is for two full days on November 12 and 13 2020.

Program Overview

Day 1 User Experience: Modeling Work

Thursday November 12, 2020
Doors open: 9:00 am
Training begins promptly at 9:30 am


  • Set Goals: What Brings You to Amsterdam?
  • Two Critical Business Model Lessons in 5 Minutes
  • Guided Tour of the Enterprise Business Model Canvas
  • Practice Drawing a Familiar Business Model
  • Guided Tour of the Personal Service Model
  • Draw “As-is” Models
  • Pair & Share “Painstorm”
  • Recap Lessons Learned

— Coffee Break —


  • Personal Service Model Case: From “Job” Description to Role Depiction
  • Think Out Loud Lab: Peer Consulting
  • Colleague Buzz Group | Q & A: Ask the Authors
  • Pair & Share
  • Morning Summary | Group Picture | Change Seats

— Lunch —


  • Draw “To-Be” Personal Service Model as Third Object for Development Discussion
  • Think Out Loud Laboratory 2: Visual Peer Feedback
  • Debrief | Q & A: Ask the Author

— Coffee Break —


  • Test New Models
  • Share with Colleagues
  • Roleplay: The Reunion
  • Summary and Evaluation

Social Hour | Networking

Day 2 Practitioner Training: Master Class

Friday November 13, 2020
Doors open: 9:00 am
Program begins promptly at 9:30 am

Program Overview

  • Facilitator Guide Overview
  • Set Goals: How Will You Use the Method?
  • Simple Rules for Drawing Models
  • Draw a New “As-is” Model
  • Pair & Share
  • Introduction to Model-Based Coaching

— Coffee Break —

  • Model Coaching Practicum I in Trios
  • Sharing & Debriefing
  • Morning Wrapup, group picture, table change

— Lunch —

  • Put Yourself on the Line!
  • Implementation Design Overview
  • Implementation Design Practicum Part I

— Coffee Break —

  • Implementation Design Practicum Part II
  • Implementation Design Presentations
  • Summary and Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates

About the Facilitators

Dr. Timothy Clark is an educator and entrepreneur who has delivered visual modeling training in 15 countries and is the author of the global bestseller Business Model You and Business Models for Teams. He has worked with thousands of project managers, team and group leaders, and executives in the healthcare, technology, finance, and retail sectors, and has served as consultants or trainers to many organizations, including Aetna, Amazon.com, DFS, Bertelsmann Financial Services, HP, Intel, and JCPenney.

Mercedes Hoss is an experienced workshop designer, facilitator, event organizer and project manager. She supports large (inter)national organizations by getting teams and individuals to think about their own strategies and business models, combining different methodologies and introducing new tools, skills and mindsets. She brings 20+ years of hands-on management experience in leading functions in the areas of IT/ Finance and business process optimization for international corporations such as Pfizer and Ancestry.com. She is a Business Model for Teams co-creator and has worked with Dr. Timothy Clark since the Facilitator Course was first introduced to Europe in early 2013.

Participation is strictly limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Participation fee includes:

  • 82-page facilitator guide Including complete 20-page workshop script/scenario
  • Three oversized Personal Service Model posters
  • Lifetime access to the Business Model You® online training course (in English)
  • Lunches plus daylong refreshments
  • Participants who successfully complete the two-day program will be Awarded a Master Class Certified Practitioner certificate. Read complete details about the Certified Practitioner training.

The ICF recognizes our Certified Practitioner course as 16 hours of Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) if you are an accredited ICF Coach.

NOTE: Program is subject to change without notice. Please contact organizer Mercedes Hoss (Mercedes at BusinessModelYou.com) with questions.

Cancellation terms: If you cancel up to one month before the event, 50% of your workshop fee will be refunded. After that date we cannot refund fees for any reason, but at any time you may designate someone else to attend the workshop in your place.

Tickets prices will be refunded 100% if the workshop is canceled at the organizer's discretion. The organizer cannot be held responsible for travel reservation losses or inconvenience resulting from cancellations.

Watch Sushma Panikker describe the two-day workshop in detail. Visit Business Model You Community

Participants Praise for Business Model You®

The Certified Practitioner class was absolutely worthwhile! This was due both to the professional and engaging training concept and delivery and to the great group of people that joined the training and offered strong inspiration and ideas. The methodology will help newly formed internal teams on their journeys to defining their value propositions to the company." Ute Amberger
Senior HR Specialist Training BASF Colors & Effects (BASF has 112,000 employees)

“Very strong, condensed training (no blah-blah-blah)! The methodology helps me quickly identify, test, and revise unclear value propositions or missing prerequisites for their provision. Now I can better support employees and teams at thyssenkrupp.” Dr. Christoph Schindler
Senior Health Expert
Occupational Safety and Health thyssenkrupp AG (161,000 employees)

“The Certified Practitioner training brimmed with energy, refreshing approaches, and inspiring insights. Thanks to top-notch colleagues from around the globe for all the enriching exchanges. Looking forward to translating the learnings into a powerful value proposition for colleagues and customers in search of a fresh perspective on professional progress.” ‪Carl Lepoutre - Certified Change Manager BNP Paribas Fortis (202,000 employees).

“This was great! The tool is very practical and the training gave me an opportunity to learn methods that I will use to help people to re-define their careers. But apart from that I found it extremely useful as well to try on myself – and I left the training with very concrete ideas for action and improvements.” Monika Schwertner - HR Business Partner for CEE Talent Manager for EMEA Houghton International (8,700 employees)

"The Business Model You® training has had a big impact on my development as a consultant and on my business success.” Edmund Komar - Lead Consultant - people.innovation.partners

"I learned more about strategy during the first two hours of the Business Model You® workshop than I did in two full days of expensive 'strategy training' in Paris." Pavel Novak, Negotiation Trainer, Czech Republic

"The notes from the Master Class are invaluable." Jane Leonard, Career Coach, UK

"Big insights. Very clear. Bestows confidence!" Marco van Damme , Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

"The days had a nice flow, making it easy to learn. Gave me the confidence to start building skill in delivering my own workshops." John Thompson, Consultant, UK

"I love Business Model You because it gives business model clarity, focus, and direction - all on one page, with a proven, step-by-step method based on the building blocks of business itself It's simple, fast, and effective The visual aspect. is fun and engaging and, yes — it works !" Bryan Lubic, Professional Development Advisor, San Diego State University

"This is an incredible book. It has changed my own life as well as those of my clients." Mary Anne Shew, Small Business Consultant, Rochester, New York.

“Big insights. Very clear. Bestows confidence!” Marco van Damme, Entrepreneur, the Netherlands

“Gave me insights on how to improve the scalability of a personal model. Very useful!” Hubert Gazet, Life Coach, France

“The day had a nice flow, making it easy to learn. Gave me the confidence to start building skill in delivering my own workshops.” John Thompson, Consultant, U.K.

“The facilitators were awesome :-)” Laurence Pratt, User Experience Designer, UK

"Great content, well structured, logical and clear. Facilitators are motivating and supportive. I am absolutely happy." Ksenia Kashirina, Life Coach, Moscow

"I'm glad I decided to take part." Erna van Poppel, Personal PR Trainer, the Netherlands.

“Business Model You is changing lives for me and others here in Brazil!” Guilherme Evangelista, Entrepreneur.

“Very useful, great methodology which I will be applying tomorrow!” Jan Kidd, U.K.

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Date and Time


Level Eleven - Regardz Zilveren Toren

Stationsplein 51

1012 AB


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