AZHOS Supply-Chain Innovation Day 2019


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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Adickesallee 32-34

60322 Frankfurt am Main


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On February 21, 2019, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and AZHOS AG jointly organize a half-day event to explore new business models at the intersection of the big two topics supply-chain management and finance made possible by blockchain. Together with thought leaders from the areas of finance, chemical industry, Internet of Things and blockchain, we will explore which business models will be enabled by distributed ledger technology and blockchain in specific.

The focus will be laid on the one hand on practical real-world examples within the chemical industry. On the other hand, a focus will be laid on the implications of these new technologies on the financial ecosystem. The highly efficient blockchain platforms will play a crucial role in improving industry interoperability with new business models, across verticals. The goal is to sensitize participants of the event for industry-connecting use-cases made possible by blockchain technology.

To design the future of your business with blockchain, you need to think beyond proof of concept, wherein the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence powered by sensor, software and services provides end-to-end solutions, across the spectrum of physical, digital and virtual assets.


  • John McAfee, Founder of McAfee Associates

  • Dr. Julio Faura, Chairman at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

  • István Cocron, CEO of CLLB Munich

  • Heinz-Günter Lux, Digital Strategist at Evonik AG

  • Dr. Marc Dietrich, Director at PwC Switzerland

  • Marcel Kuhs, Founder and CEO of AZHOS AG

  • Simon Seiter, Senior Consultant at Commerzbank AG

  • Kieren James-Lubin, President of BlockApps

  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Head of Frankfurt School Bockchain Center


Participants of this event can look forward to learning about a range of developments in the blockchain ecosystem, in particular:

  • The future of distributed ledger technology

  • Real-world use-cases in the field of chemistry and finance and the intersection of these

  • Game-changing use-cases for supply-chain management for the chemical industry

  • Discussion on how new technology will change the financial ecosystem and supply-chain

  • Implications of IoT on the chemical industry and financial sector

  • Blockchain and IoT as innovator in traditional industries


Location: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Room: Audimax

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 10h00 – 18h30

Language: English

Registration required via Eventbrite; maximum number of participants: 300


  • 10:15 Introduction & Welcome
    (Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center)

  • 10:30 AZHOS – Enabling Industries
    (Marcel Kuhs, AZHOS)

  • 11:00 From asynchronous ordering and payment processes to autonomous supply chain - blockchain-based process optimization in the chemical industry
    (Heinz-Günter Lux, Evonik)

  • 11:30 Blockchain in production - proving the technology and building the ecosystem
    (Kieren James-Lubin, BlockApps)

  • 12:00 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act: Trusted Technology Law
    (Thomas Nägele, Nägele Rechtsanwälte)

  • 12:30 Lunch Break

  • 13:15 Introduction to other events during the German Blockchain Week
    (Disrupt Network)

  • 13:20 Speaker Introduction DLT
    (Marcel Kuhs, AZHOS)

  • 13:30 Asset Tokenization - The emergence of new asset classes
    (Christian Labetzsch, Micobo)

  • 14:00 Euro-on-Ledger and Tokenization of Industrial Assets: Blockchain Innovations that will Change the Word
    (Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center)

  • 14:30 Tokenized electronic money: technical aspects and practical applications
    (Dr. Julio Faura, Chairman at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)

  • 14:55 Coffee Break

  • 15:15 Cash on Ledger - efficient payments for DLT transactions
    (Simon Seiter, Commerzbank)

  • 15:45 Topic to be announced
    (Dr. Marc Dietrich, pwc Switzerland)

  • 16:15 Panel Discussion: how will Blockchain tech enable ecosystems spanning industry and finance?
    (Simon Seiter, István Cocron, Silvio Stephan, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Christian Labetzsch)

  • 16:50 Topic to be announced
    (John McAfee, Team McAfee)

  • 17:20 Closing Statement
    (Marcel Kuhs, AZHOS)

  • 17:30 Networking


Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally alter the way business processes are conducted across a multitude of industries around the globe. It is prone to challenge the status quo and enable new business models. Since both fields, chemical industry and finance are thoroughly present in our daily lives, it is necessary to understand how the blockchain technology will change these sectors, the intersection of them, and thus improving our daily lives. Implications of this technology are essential not just for decision-makers in chemical industry and in the financial sector, but for everyone.

Since no prior knowledge is required we invite everyone to explore the use-cases and attend the event.

We think the event is best suited for:

  • Employees and decision makers from the financial sector interested in blockchain technology

  • Employees and decision makers from the chemical industry sector interested in blockchain technology

  • Corporates interested in innovation and blockchain

  • Startup founders and startup enthusiasts interested in blockchain technology

  • Consultants and lawyers interested in the implications of blockchain

  • Developers and architects from Internet of Things companies


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

E-Mail: team@fs-blockchain.de

Phone: +49 69 154 008-790

Internet: www.fs-blockchain.de


E-Mail: info@azhos.io

Internet: www.azhos.io

About Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank and research center which investigates implications of the blockchain technology for companies and their business models. Besides the development of prototypes, it serves as a platform for managers, start-ups, technology and industry experts to share knowledge and best practices.


AZHOS is the only company in this sector that is able to automate, digitize and finance not only worldwide supply chains, but also payment flows in the chemical industry by using blockchain technology. With partners such as Evonik, BASF, K+S and Commerzbank, AZHOS benefits from the expertise of internationally active German groups in the chemical and financial industry. AZHOS is the first European startup to win John McAfee as a Cyber Security supporter. The founders around CEO Marcel Kuhs and the team behind AZHOS consist of internationally renowned experts including Dr. Julio Faura (EEA Chairman), István Cocron (CLLB Munich), Prof. Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School). AZHOS will also be installed by the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) as the new lead of the Special Interest Group: Chemical Industry.

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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Adickesallee 32-34

60322 Frankfurt am Main


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