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Austrian Robotics Workshop

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Haus der Ingenieure

Eschenbachgasse 9

1010 Wien


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Austrian Robotics Workshop 2021

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Vienna, Austria / June 10-11, 2021


The Austrian Robotics Workshop aims at further fostering collaboration of Austria‘s robotics community and discussing the emerging topic “Reliable Sensing for Robots”.

We look forward to the presentation and discussion of research progress as well as current projects within the Austrian robotics community.

The workshop will be held at:

- Haus der Ingenieure, ÖIAV Festsaal, Eschenbachgasse 9, in Vienna,

- June 10th to 11th,2021.

A specific goal is to strengthen the cooperation between academia and industry. Therefore, contributions and participation from industry is strongly encouraged.

The general topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

• Realistic Sensor Simulation

• Robot Sensing and Perception

• Sensor Modelling and Calibration

• Sensor Reliability

• Near-Field Sensors in Robotics

• Robot Modelling

• Software Design & Architecture

• Estimation, Diagnosis and Learning

• Mobile and Service Robots

• Field and Rescue Robots

• UAV, UGV, Autonomous Systems

• Human Robot Interaction, Usability

• Planning and Reasoning

• Applications in Industry and Education

Preliminary Program:

The program will include invited talks, oral presentations of referred research papers, a student-paper poster track as well as demonstrations from industry and academia.

In response to Covid -19, we will be taking appropriate measures to ensure your safety. We kindly ask you to follow our instructions, which will be online soon: www.roboticsworkshop.at.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have a very limited amount of 70 tickets only.

Get your spot now!

If you have any questions, please get in contact with:


best regards


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Haus der Ingenieure

Eschenbachgasse 9

1010 Wien


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