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4-Week MasterclassProgram Radical Business Model Transformation


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4-Week Live-/Digital-Masterclass Program - Radical Business Model Transformation: How to Gain The Competitive Edge in a Disruptive World?

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The world will be a different place once we come out of this global crisis. The current rate of disruption is going to disrupt weaker companies, while also presenting opportunities for bold, innovative companies to make a difference. The future winners are already preparing for the time after the crisis.

Organizations have already been under pressure from trends such as digitalization and servitization, now COVID19 poses additional challenges on top. Despite the reset on the horizon, many companies risk relying on improvements that only scratch the surface of developing a radically different value proposition. Reactionary management is not strategic leadership. It is the time to reinvent to successfully capitalize on these market transitions and break away from competition once we return to the new normal.

This four-week live/digital -masterclass program is based on rigorous research into 380 companies and lines of business that have successfully and radically redesigned their business models. It shows why they made the leap, what they had to do to achieve it and how it has transformed the potential for their organizations.


Radical Business Model Transformation is designed for executives and transformation managers who need to fulfil the role of strategic leader in a time of great turbulence.

Live digital training sessions, individual assignments, virtual group work, case studies and exchanges with business CxOs, who have successfully mastered a large-scale transformation, are all combined to stimulate your thinking, unlock new insights, change habits, and firmly embed the learning in your specific business context.

This program is grounded in the best-selling book ‘Radical Business Model Transformation' which is considered a standard reference in business model and transformation literature. It requires 4-5 hours of your time per week and allows you to follow your passion, advance your knowledge and make an impact.


MODULE 1: Gaining the Competitive Edge in a Disruptive World

[May 27 - 4:00 - 7:00 pm CET]

  • Preparing for the ‘next normal’ in a volatile and ambiguous world
  • Myths and facts in times of digitalization, servitization and crisis mode
  • Transformation winning patterns – from movement building to operational rhythm
  • Business Model Transformation as systematic strategic change process
  • Assignment for next module: Defining next normal and desired end-state

MODULE 2: Playbook for Radical Business Model Transformation I

[June 05- 4:00 -7:00 pm CET]

  • The Business Transformation Board - orchestrating strategic shifts at grand-scale
  • Learning from companies that made the leap – the essence from 380 transformations
  • Case Study Klöckner (Industrial): Mastermind session w/ Christian Pokropp, Managing Director, klöckner.i GmbH
  • Assignment for next module: Preparing your Transformation Journey

MODULE 3: Playbook for Radical Business Model Transformation II

[June 12 - 4:00 -7:00 pm CET]

  • Learning from companies that made the leap – the essence from 380 transformations (cont)
  • Case Study Infosys (Software & Services): Mastermind session w/ Matthias Barth, Global Chief Product Manager Sales & Services, SAP SE
  • Group Work/Break-out Session: Mastering Your Business Model Transformation
  • Effectively initiate, govern and monitor radical transformation
  • Assignment for next module: Overcoming leadership challenges

MODULE 4: Leading Radical Transformation at Grand-Scale

[June 17 - 4:00 -7:00 pm CET]

  • Making business models ‘intelligent’ – power of smart data and learning machines
  • Large-scale transformation as leadership challenge – the notion of #NewLeadership
  • Leadership Talk – Opportunities & Challenges in Large-Scale Transformations w/ Patrick Oelze, Partner, Mazars Digital Solutions
  • Debriefing and Personal Roadmap
  • Certificate Ceremony

Interested in the full program brochure? Contact us at frankfurt@carstenlinz.com


“Highly relevant for leaders. This book provides both an excellent conceptual structure and great insights through a wide range of real company cases. Before Radical Business Model Transformation, such guidance to transform your business model was missing.”

- Dr. Sami Atiya, Member of the Group Executive Committee and President Robotics and Discrete Automation, ABB Ltd.

"With Radical Business Model Transformation, Carsten Linz and his co-authors offer inspiration and a proven blueprint that enables leaders to upgrade their business models and get it fit for the new digital economy.

- Felix Staeritz, CEO FoundersLane and Founder FightBackMovement

“The authors provide great insights into how to transform a business model. Clear guidelines and many examples provide important learnings for every transformation leader.”

- Oliver Gassmann and Karolin Frankenberger, Professors at the University of St. Gallen

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