2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on

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2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on

Hands-on course to learn the basic steps of the bone ring technique. Lecturers: Prof. Dr. B. Giesenhagen and Dr. Dr. T. Nord

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MVZ Giesenhagen und Kollegen Landgraf-Karl-Straße 1 34131 Kassel Germany

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2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image

What is the content of the training & what am I learning?

This course is aimed at colleagues who have already gained experience in dental implantology. In this two-day hands-on course you will learn the bone ring technique so that you can then use it in your dental practice.

The bone ring technique enables simultaneous dental implantation and augmentation and is suitable for almost all indications, including a sinus lift with the smallest amount of bone available. In contrast to the classic, two-stage augmentation and subsequent implantation, the treatment time with the bone ring technique is shortened by several months and a second surgical procedure is not necessary.

The technique: a ring-shaped bone graft is inserted precisely into the prepared ring bed and fixed with the implant. The high success rate of the bone ring technique is due to the excellent contact between the transplant and the recipient bone.

The use of a bone ring made from processed allogeneic donor bone makes the removal of autologous bone superfluous. As a result, extraction point morbidity, operating time and overall costs are significantly reduced. The surgical treatment of three-dimensional bone defects is made significantly easier.

You will receive 14 advanced training points according to BZÄK and DGZMK for the 2-day course including hands-on.

"Be there and spend two eventful and instructive days with colleagues!"

More information: www.ipi.dental!

Course language: english

2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image

The unique skull models used in the course enable realistic practice of the bone ring technique including the removal of autologous bone rings, sinus lift, implantation and soft tissue management.

What are the topics of the hands-on course in detail?

Day 1: 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Block autologous bone rings

  • Basic principles of the bone ring technique, possibilities and biological limits
  • Removal sites for autologous bones, OP-relevant anatomical structures
  • Elevation and processing of autologous bone rings
  • the correct implant position
  • Clinical case studies of the bone ring technique and surgery videos with autologous bone rings including follow-up
  • Live surgery
  • Soft tissue management: plastic coverage, apical mattress sutures, exposure techniques (meander technique)
  • Hands-on: lifting and implantation of autologous rings, covering with bone substitute material, membrane with pins, plastic covering, soft tissue techniques
  • Including drinks, snacks and dinner
  • Including catering and dinner with the speakers

Day 2: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m .: Block allogeneic bone rings:

  • Processing of allograft bone rings
  • Different when using autologous and allogeneic bone rings
  • Case studies of the bone ring technique and surgery videos with allograft and autologous bone rings
  • Appropriate defect configurations
  • 3D planning and guided implantation using the bone ring technique
  • Sinus lift with bone ring technique
  • Results of clinical studies on autograft and allograft bone rings
  • Complication Management
  • Hands-on: implantation of autologous and allogeneic rings in the anterior and posterior region, covering with bone substitute material and membrane with pins, plastic covering. Use of the bone ring technique in the maxillary sinus

Including food and lunch

2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image

Who are the speakers?

Dr. Dr. T. Nord (Kassel)

  • Founder of the advanced training group for young dentists in Hamburg
  • Graduated from the human and dental medicine studies at JLU Giessen
  • Training as a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the German Military in Hamburg
  • Accompanying implantological training with Prof. Dr. B. Giesenhagen, Kassel
  • Medical Director of the MVZ Giesenhagen und Kollegen GmbH
  • Focus: dental implantology and bone regeneration
  • international lectures on bone regeneration, especially bone ring technique
  • Founder of the IG platform augmentation_and_implants
  • Speaker of the Botiss Academy
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image

Prof. Dr. B. Giesenhagen  (Kassel)

  • Studied at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel
  • Research assistant in the prosthetics department at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
  • Training activity as the founder of the Pro Implant Institute in Melsungen
  • Lecturer for dentists working in implantology from all over the world in bone ring technology and other implantology topics
  • Honorary lecturer at the Johann Wolfgang Goehte University in Frankfurt am Main
  • Since 2012: implantology practice in Kassel
  • 1980-2011: implantology practice in Melsungen
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image
2 Days Bone Ring Technique & Hands-on image