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Kobosil, born, raised and based in Berlin, is considered as one of today's rising and defining Techno DJs and producers. The twentysomething Berghain resident fills a formerly blank space within the genre by adding subtly hypnotic synth sounds, monochromatic textures as well as Ambient, Synth Pop and even Rap excursions to his sets, focussing on the darker, gritty and more powerful aspects of Techno – all held together by an overall aesthetic of turmoil, attitude of riot and rooting in the streets of Neukölln. His own Electronic Body Music-, Noise- and Industrial-inspired productions have been released on Berghain's in-house labels Ostgut and Unterton but also on Kobosil's own R - Label Group imprint. Always on a tour de force, Kobosil likes Techno dark and rough.