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Frank Ellrich was born 1967 in Marburg, Germany. In 1990, he started to live in Frankfurt where he watched the growth of the Techno-movement. From the beginning, Frank was a big fan of electronic music and its influences in the youth culture. Legendary clubs (e.g. Omen, Dorian Gray) were his second home. 1994 and 1995, he started to produce with simple instruments, until he met Kai McDonald (as known as Kai Tracid) which was already quite successful with his project "Pseudonym Formic Acid". Kai and Frank shared the love for driving grooves from the TB 303, and so they founded "A*S*Y*S) which stands for "Acid Save Your Soul". 1996, they released their first record with the title "Acid Train" on the label Acid-Test. Later in the year, the second record followed: "Acid-Squid" on Cybertronic. This was the time Frank started to release his own records under names as "Mike Fraser" or "X-Frame" and he leaded the label "Cybertronic" together with his business-partner Matthias Polzer. The story continued with releasing more records from Frank and co-op with other artists, using names as "Cyberstorm", "Dark Noize", "Riddler & Headcrusher" and "L'age Synthetique". Especially in England, the co-op with Olaf Pozgay which is called "Plasmatics" was very successful, because of their remix from Timo Maas' "Maas Mellow" and releases on the label Addiction. 1999, A*S*Y*S started again to rule the clubworld and until June 2001, they released 3 more records under Kais label Tracid Traxx. Also, they produced some remixes from Kais "Tiefenrausch" and Hennes & Cold's "The Sound Of Rock". The record "Acid Nightmare" was a big hit in the German Dance Charts (DDC) and also in the Top 100. On the Tracid Traxx-"DJ Tour 2000", Frank used this special event to demonstrate his DJ-experiences. The good response was the reason for him to continue mixing. Since April 2001, he travels through different clubs in Germany, but also in Australia, England or the Netherlands.