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hub:raum, the incubator of Deutsche Telekom, invests in early stage startups backs them with co-working-space, mentoring and helps them to find the right business partners within Deutsche Telekom.

hub:raum offers different programs in 3 locations. First, hub:raum Berlin launched its Incubator program in mid 2012 to support startups which have new ideas for the early phase of telecommunications services, Internet services and digital media. The incubator provides a pool of experts, Deutsche Telekom’s network, work space and seed financing of up to EUR 300,000 in order to effectively support startups and their product ideas on their way to maturity. hub:raum Berlin set up its first Accelerator program in fall 2012 to offer startups a platform to sharpen their business ideas within 2 months, supported by Co-Working space, Mentoring, Networking-events, etc. The second Accelerator program followed in fall 2013. In March 2013, hub:raum Krakow launched its Incubator program for startups in Eastern- and Central-Europe - a so called turbo Accelerator program was held end of 2013. Finally, in June 2013, hub:raum Tel-Aviv started to offer young Israeli startups the Fit4Europe Program, helping them to expand their business to Europe.


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